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Trampoline Safety Guide

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Trampoline Safety Guide

Please read and understand this trampoline safety guide and all materials furnished with your trampoline trampoline before using.

  1. Use your trampoline only with mature, knowledgeable supervision.
  2. DO NOT attempt somersaults. Somersaults are advanced skills that should be attempted only by experianced and competitive trampolinists, and then only with strict supervision, professional instruction and additional safety equipment. Most crippling injuries that occur during trampoline activities involve somersaults.
  3. Permit only one performer at a time on the trampoline. Two (2) or more performers create additional risks of injury due to collisions, being bounced off the trampoline and unexpected responses by the trampoline mat.
  4. DO NOT use the trampoline when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. DO NOT use the trampoline as a springboard to or from other objects.
  6. DO NOT use the trampoline without proper trampoline safety pads.
  7. Stop your bounce by flexing your knees as your feet come in contact with the trampoline mat.
  8. Secure the trampoline against unauthorized and unsupervised use.
  9. Learn fundamental bounces and body positions thoroughly before trying more advanced skills.
  10. Climb on and off the trampoline. DO NOT JUMP.
  11. Avoid bouncing too high or when tired.
  12. Focus your eyes on the trampoline. Failure to do so may result in a lack of balance and control. Always control your bounce.
  13. Keep objects away that could interfere with the performer. Maintain adequate overhead clearance, and there must be no objects beneath the trampoline.
  14. Use the trampoline only when the mat is clean and dry. A wet mat is very slick and prevents a controlled bounce, as well as a stable landing. A worn or damaged mat should be replaced immediately.
  15. Do not stand on trampoline frame or pads while waiting for a turn to bounce.
  16. For further information or additional instructional materials, contact a competent trampoline instructor.